Cottage Carpentry began over 37 years ago restoring Queenslanders to restore them to their original condition.

They continue to maintain and repair Queenslanders and Post War houses to try and keep them in the best condition in years to come.

Now, not only do we renovate Queenslanders to keep them looking beautiful, we also renovate them to meet the needs of your family.

If you’re recently retired, or you’re getting close to that day, there are plenty of things to consider if you intend to stay in the family home rather than sell and downsize.

Unfortunately as we get older most of us will start slowing down and any number of aliments start to affect our mobility.

Many homes are not built to make life easy nor comfortable in our older years.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to move or abandon your home.  Cottage Carpentry work with you, your draftsman or your architect to get your home safe, comfortable and ready for your changing needs, without having to leave your home.

Our happy customers

Eric Leese at Mascotbridge repaired my investment property at Deception Bay and his team were really amazing. I didn’t know what was wrong and thought it had to be torn down and rebuilt but because of their skill they repaired the supports to the balcony and other parts of my house to make it solid, safe and functional without any fuss and in short time. I was able to sell that house at a significant profit. Thanks Eric.


What We Do

Our services include:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Lock smithing
  • Maintenance

About Us

Cottage Carpentry is an award winning company specialising in a wide range of building maintenance and repairs for the Queensland State Government, Local Councils, Not for Profit and Community Groups, Education Facilities, Commercial properties and Residential homes.

Contact Us

Mascotbridge Pty Ltd
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